Meet the rest of the family ;)

The love of the garden comes along with some mouths to feed! Some take care of themselves some I take care of...and all I love!
 Lil Roo
 Eady and Eddie
 The red bellied woodpwecker
 The Mocking Birds that bomb dive us and the dogs

 The baby Red Bellied Woodpecker
 Our first mail ordered chickens....all americauna's
 Easter Eggers

 The Pond now!
 Swallowtail on some redroot
 March mist looking out at the garden
 Queen Chrysalis
 The Koi and Goldies

 The barn....for the DH's toys

 Meet the birds!
 Sky, Sweets and Aquamarine

The family......Dad Pedro --->

\/ The babies....Yellow Dude had just hatched! 
Mollie, mom with the new clutch, and the lil ones as they grew

This March 2011....ever changing 

big bessie 

My DD in the Aviary 

St. David Rose 
And our yearly visitor....the titmouse that stole the flycatcher's house...but that's another story :)

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