Koi Toilet Modification w/ air diffuser

My Koi Toilet Bottom Drain Modification...step by step..

I just couldn't swing the cost of a market aereated bottom drain...so I compromised. I purchased a Koi Toilet, 4" Bottom drain and then I added a air disc and plumbed it for air...here's the how to's

The parts: 4" 90 degree street elbow, 4x4x2 attachment, 3/8 inch tubing, (2) 1/2 inch male thread to 3/8 barb, 3/4" female threaded to non threaded adapter, 3/4" non threaded to 1/2" female threaded reducer bushing, 2" to 1/2" threaded reducer bushing, 1/2 male thread to 1/2" non-threaded 90 degree elbow. KoiToilet, 9" air disc...

The tubing, with attachments, and viewed within the drain pipe

The drain side of tubing with the barb and attachments, the underside of the koi toilet lid, with the aerator 1/2 threads sticking through

The finished drain......I got the concept from another build, but was unable to get all those items...so this seemed pretty simple, with few parts really....easy build....hope it works.........The clamps are there just to hold the drain plates together....the hardest part about operation will be threading the lid aerator to the hose attachment........I will be scuba diving should I need to change her out, or pull to unclog......The adventure of it all

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