Watch a garden grow:

I hope you will watch as the garden grows...I will focus on native plantings, working with "nature" instead of against it, all of which add up to low maintenance plantings! (I Hope) I am a naturalist by heart, and to be quite honest a lazy gardener! so.....Please enjoy watching our mini backyard farm grow from concept to reality as we give birth to the Rabbit Hutch and colony, and continue to grow the Chicken Coop....All in all I will enjoy journaling here myself and watching as my family changes the little piece of Earth that God has loaned to us!

Mar 25, 2012

Welcome to BunnyVille

Spring Break in Florida...what to do? what to do? The weather was fabulous...but to be honest the water at the beach and the pool are still a bit cold for my liking.....soooo..... it was a perfect time to get started on The Rabbit Farm! We are upscaling an old chicken coop given to us from a friend.....This area of the yard can get a little wet for a few days after a very strong summer to be safe everything is up in the air. We picked a spot under the young Live Oaks and Pines for the natural shade and coolness it will provide for the Bunnies.

Future "Bunnyville"

Tucked into the Oaks nicely

My Husband, Dave, and son, Nate, putting the cage together....we made it a family day! First we made a trip to a local Rabbit breeder...we selected 3 rabbits. Two Does and a Buck. The goal is to keep these three and to breed them for.....meat! heard that right...we are going to be eating our junior rabbits.....The three adult rabbits belong to my daughter....and they are pets, but the objective here is to become a bit more self sufficient off our own backyard mini farm...So let me introduce you to the girls:
This is.....Cinnamon

And this is.....Oreo

And this lil guy is our Buck....His Daddy is a giant Angora mix:

This is Peter Rabbit! Doesn't he look chill!

So while the DH and Son worked on the construction phase...My daughter, Elly, and I raided the garage for left over paint! She picked out fabulous colors and we got to painting!
In the end....we were more than turned out better than we had expected...we loved the cute look of it so much... we decided to make the whole back area an entire little village for bunnies! I'm already dreaming up my next house design :)   This is the Doe House, the Hutch is 4x4 with enough room for a loft and some exterior nesting boxes (to be made), and the outdoor cage/run is 4x8. This will be the main habitat for the Does with babies...Peter will only get to visit....sometimes ;) We screened in one door of the hutch completely so it can be left open for added ventilation. The front of the cage is one big door for easy access.....We still have some little things to fine tune....but we are on our way to a good start I do believe! So here she is so far....and the Bunnies are loving all the Xtra room!
Cinnamon checking out her new digs :)

The hutch access door

The screened door open with Peter loving the breeze!

Yeah! She's finished! Any suggestions for a name for our new bunny abode?

How much fun was that! I swear....I'm living a little girl's dream right here in my own back yard and I'm all grown up! God is good and Life is just too much fun!    shhhhh....Elly thinks it's all hers! Keep checking the rabbit farming has only just begun! and We all know how quickly this can grow......hehehehehe.... So enjoy your first days of spring .....Easter is coming, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the weather is beautiful...get out there and spread some seed!   janine

Genesis 1:28
And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth. 

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