Watch a garden grow:

I hope you will watch as the garden grows...I will focus on native plantings, working with "nature" instead of against it, all of which add up to low maintenance plantings! (I Hope) I am a naturalist by heart, and to be quite honest a lazy gardener! so.....Please enjoy watching our mini backyard farm grow from concept to reality as we give birth to the Rabbit Hutch and colony, and continue to grow the Chicken Coop....All in all I will enjoy journaling here myself and watching as my family changes the little piece of Earth that God has loaned to us!

Jan 2, 2014

All things are new....My Chalk Paint Furniture UP-cycle

So....this fall I moved into the house and started some upcycling! I have always wanted to try my hand at chalk paint and I finally got my chance! My oldest Son, Nick moved out in October, so I found myself with a spare bedroom. It had left in it an old particle board TV cabinet, free from a friend who moved away,  a Queen size bed another friend gave to me,  a headboard I scored at a internet yard sale site for $15, and also a heavy wooden nightstand I got off the same site for just $5. Now with some patching of ten years worth of nail holes, some new paint on the walls and a lil work I was on my adventure to remake my room!
 I started with the smallest piece first.....Internet searched all the different Chalk paint recipes. Tweaked them a lil to fit my needs. I decided on a light mossy green paint for the furniture, Walmart brand colorplace.
My chalk recipe goes as follows:
3/4 cup of White Dental Stone ( Doc let me borrow some for my 1st attempts) similar to Plaster of Paris, but a harder set finished product.
2 tbs hot water, mixed together,
 and then added to 2 cups flat latex paint

 I sanded the piece completely after applying 2 coats of paint, allowing drying between and after. I used 120/150 sandpaper, and distressed with the same. The furniture kinda feels like sandpaper itself after it dries from the chalk paint. Once sanded lightly it is nice and smooth. I made sure to distress just where it seemed most natural. I then moved on to the finish....I wanted some dark wax, but no one local carried for my finish, again I cheated a bit.....I purchased regular Furniture Wax Paste (minwax) and a very small can of a dark wood stain, both from Home Depot. Grabbed a popsicle stick and scooped out some pigment from the bottom of the stain (not mixed) just a bit, and mixed it with about 3 tbs. of the Plain Wax, WAL-LA DIY dark wax!. I waxed the entire piece first with regular wax and then all the nicks and crannies with the dark wax to add character.
Added some new hardware and called it a day! All in all I was very happy with my first chalk paint furniture redo!

    The next piece was the Old Particle board TV Cabinet.....I figured, spare bedroom, low traffic, what the heck! I have all the supplies.....nothing to loose. That piece turned out great!!!!!! I got a piece of thin subflooring to replace the cardboard on the back, and left it natural that piece natural.


I also picked up some surplus new quilts at the Goodwill for 10.00 and finished up the entire room, for well under 200.00. I was very pleased with the whole project. It was like giving new life to two items headed to the landfill or fire pit! Much the same as I, not that awful long ago.....Brings to mind a most impactual physically real scripture for me........

2 Cor 5:17    Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature, the old things passed away; behold new things have come.

It was so much fun! Can't wait to do it again!
Next Blog: The Tween Girls Christmas Xtreme Makeover Bedroom! stay tuned!

Mar 2, 2013

Our First Rabbit Litters

    We've had our first succesful Bunny Litter. As you may know this is the beginning of our small backyard farm...We are raising Meat Rabbits for home consumption. We have spent the last year building cages and raising the three Does and Buck to a good breeding age and weight...We have planted Rabbit friendly gardens and pots for Xtra forage and treats. With the cooler temperatures here we decided it was Breed!

WELCOME TO BUNNYVILLE....a work in progress
Upcycled colorful Concrete walkway!
Buck's Hut!

Moving on to our first litters!

      Oreo was our first pregnant doe. She kindled 6 small kits. They were so hidden within the nesting tunnel and hay, that I overlooked three that were still born. That first litter didn't go well at all. I had made long nesting tunnels coming off the backside of the Does Chalet in an attempt for a more natural birthing experience. They ended up being very hard to inspect, and retained moisture due to the solid plywood construction. Here in Florida the Fire Ants are brutal and they sniff death out in no time. They invaded the nest and we lost the entire was very sad.....

        Cinnamon was the next in line and she was due within days. It was a scramble to remake and redo nesting tunnels and boxes. I removed the nesting tunnels, and created new removable nesting boxes with wire bottoms for better air circulation. Then Buck had to be moved to a new smaller resort and Cinnamon settled into Buck's quarters, where she had been staying as of late because of some abuse she was taking from the other Does...I Got the new nesting Box in at about 9:00am on Friday March 1st, and by 11:00am she had kindled....shew that really cut it close. We have 7 little popples all checked and appear very healthy! The craziest thing happens when you uncover the kits from Mom's fur in the nest.

They pop! Yes they all start popping around like pop-corn....funniest thing ever! Mom doesn't sit on her kits like alot of animals, but only goes in once a day to feed them and that is usually in the dead of night. A nice rounded belly is a good sign they are infact being fed. Another funny tidbit in Rabbit breeding....When the buck and doe "hook-up" you know there is success, when the Buck faints (appears to) and falls off on his side! Is Our God funny or what!

ears and feet everywhere!
snuggled nice and warm in Mama's fur

One kit with dutch like markings

     My Husband, Dave and I built a great Romping Room for the bunnies! Upcycled the old Trampoline frame with chicken wire.....It gives the kids and us a place to get in with the bunnies while they are all hanging out together! They seem to like the exercise and nibbling on the grass! How much fun will that be with a bunch of baby bunnies hopping around!

      I got a bit sidetracked since last summer....I hope to get back on track blogging more now that things are booming around here....babies are popping up everywhere. 

     We have baby Cocaktiels in the nest and some fledging soon.

Sugar and six babies!
Two grays....their sibling already fedged


We have our summer garden planted up too with baby veggies!

and of course the Rabbits are finally....well..... breeding like rabbits :) So more to come!

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things.

If we all did this....what a wonderful place the world would be......I feel closest to God when I sit amongst his creation in awe.....I love this world he has created for me to play in!

It's Spring soon....Spread some seed!