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I hope you will watch as the garden grows...I will focus on native plantings, working with "nature" instead of against it, all of which add up to low maintenance plantings! (I Hope) I am a naturalist by heart, and to be quite honest a lazy gardener! so.....Please enjoy watching our mini backyard farm grow from concept to reality as we give birth to the Rabbit Hutch and colony, and continue to grow the Chicken Coop....All in all I will enjoy journaling here myself and watching as my family changes the little piece of Earth that God has loaned to us!

Feb 10, 2012

OH My....The Tree Swallows Stopped By

Wow...WHAT A TREAT!    When I was a child one of my great memories was when the Tree Swallows would come through town in swarms...we would follow them as kids in hopes that they'd do one of there dives into a local Wax Myrtle Bush. Then we would run in and see how many we could touch...

As I walked out back today...the sky was dark with birds...In the back of my mind, for years, I had hoped by letting all those Wax Myrtles take over my back yard I'd have a pay off  some day...Well today was that day!

It was just magnificent....There were thousands of swallows everywhere...So many in fact that it sounded like it was raining on the tin roof of the chicken coop LOL...and  Yes, I was willing to risk it...though I did place a shirt over my head..... :)

It was so much fun to only takes one bird to land...then the WHOLE swarm tries to take over the Wax Myrtle for a luscious treat of berries....The tree turns black with birds as they all try to cling to the flimsy branches...

This time I watched, rather then chase after them as that little kid so many years took alot of self control I tell ya! I never realized how many..and how beautiful they are...They shine an iridescent blue, green shade over their black wings...just remarkable!

There is only a few times a year when we get such a sight in Florida...While they make their way to and from the North....Since it's been such a mild winter..I'm unsure if they are coming or going really.

At one point as I took my camera down to really take in the moment...I was sitting right amidst the swarm...they were whizzing just a foot from head, and they were everywhere.....Oh how I hope they come back this weekend...I would love to share this with my Daughter...who was off at school today :(

So like that great old movie line "If you build it...they will come" I have come to realize that in a garden "If you plant it they will indeed come" Wildlife is amazing that way! So plant something in your yard to bring in the birds and the butterflies...or what ever else you may love...And don't forget while your at it....sow some seed! Please let me know you visited by just saying Hi in a quick comment!   janine


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! thats awesome! What a wonderful moment in life you have. i hope they return. :)

Meems said...

That is remarkable. Something I've not seen here EVER. Like you say a garden is full with surprise as long as there are elements to attract wildlife it will find it. I love that about gardening.