Watch a garden grow:

I hope you will watch as the garden grows...I will focus on native plantings, working with "nature" instead of against it, all of which add up to low maintenance plantings! (I Hope) I am a naturalist by heart, and to be quite honest a lazy gardener! so.....Please enjoy watching our mini backyard farm grow from concept to reality as we give birth to the Rabbit Hutch and colony, and continue to grow the Chicken Coop....All in all I will enjoy journaling here myself and watching as my family changes the little piece of Earth that God has loaned to us!

Jan 9, 2012

It's January.... Need Inspiration???????

I have loved the weather so much this January... It just seems natural for me to head out coat and all to start on the big projects and  planning for the next season...I love flipping through some Spring and Summer remember what bloomed well and when! Wanted to share some of my favorites with ya! Our Lot is just one acre and backs up to a wetland, so no one will live behind us....These first pictures are from the first year and the 3rd year..Ohhhh how things have changed....
The first structure to go in was the chicken coop, moved twice and It has since been upgraded a few times :) The back side yard can get wet during the summer, so we let nature take it's course...We placed a few Maples and cord grasses and wildflowers that first year and then let it go....
And Go it did.... That was just a few short months before The "Hurricanes" hit, all 4 of them...."Francis" flooded the entire backyard and left behind pine tree and wax myrtle seedlings everywhere...They have completely taken over the 20 feet right off the fence line...this area now is called "our woods" Crazy how amazing nature is!

The early meadow

This was our very first "born here" chick born Spring 2009

The Amaryllis at Easter

The strong and steady Zinnia in the heat of summer, they don't come much more vibrant than this!

I love me some Mexican Sunflower (Tithonia Rotundiflora)...a butterfly lover's must have!  
It is a very tall, back border plant....I have had it in my garden for 12 years started with one small seed head from Epcot during the flower show...sshhhhhhhhh.....our little secret ;)

 The always invasive but sooooo sweet smelling Honeysuckle. It now engulfs our new coop cages

 My favorite rose......"Sweet Vivian" and it does smell so sugary sweet!

 My mystery rose...One of my first roses obtained before I started keeping track of their names....Anyone want to give it a guess? I've always thought it might be "Granada" ..ANYONE?

 A beautiful salmon hibiscus

 This is redroot (Lachnanthes caroliana), it grows native around here in areas that are wet seasonally...I hope to make a small bog garden beside the butterfly balcony section dedicated to them....The swallowtails flock to them! If I can keep the Sandhill Cranes from eating them.....They think of it as their snack food...

 The Year the Aviary went in was Summer year ever with the Susans!!! All planning that year...just spectacular Black Eyed Susan's blooming everywhere

Summer 2010....Oh how I'd love  that white "Iceberg" rose to be that lovely right now!

Rosa "Love"  Given to me from My Love :)  for Valentine's Day a few years back..
She is a sweet smelling Grandiflora Rose, Red with White on the backs of the petals.....

So that has definately gotten me inspired..How about You???? while the weather is just right here in Florida, lets get out there and get to work planning our spring and summer gardens and if you are stuck in the house this time of the year then pull out those old gardening magazines and catalogs...and get ordering!
Please let me know  you are enjoying the Blog by leaving a quick hello in the I know you stopped by!  And please don't forget to spread some seed ;)  janine


Meems said...

Hi Janine,
I really enjoyed looking back through your photos with you. I've never had any fortune with susans and I can't figure out why... except I think I don't have a dry enough area with the sun requirements they prefer. Yours were gorgeous. I love the aviary, too. Have thought I'd like one but concerned over the amount of maintenance. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm taking advantage of Dec/Jan weather and laying new pathways and increasing edible spaces. Always more to do...
Happy gardening,

janine said...

Thanks Meems....My Susans only grow through Spring, early Summer and once the summer rains's time to yank them out....They originally came in a wildflower packet I sowed in the meadow..I learned a great trick...I save all the heads and when they are dried I roll them all in a metal colander...only the seeds fall through onto a paper towel underneath...thousands...and no hairy splinters in my fingers... I'm sorry I can't really take credit for the ones in the they were all volunteers! Thanks so much for taking the time to look through my pictures.....and for means alot.. janine